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  • The GRIP6 nickel free belt for men has no holes or complicated systems. It has a non metal belt buckle and a military belt strap that can pull over 2,000 pounds without breaking. The strap slides through the buckle for an infinitely adjustable fit

  • Carbon Fiber Belts For Men- Belt metal detector friendly. These no metal belts for men & women stay tight all day through a friction lock guaranteed not to slip. Once your GRIP6 carbon fiber belt is locked in place, it will stay tight all day

  • A Truly Unlimited Lifetime Guarantee- We build products to last. We make our products from high-quality materials so they don't break or wear prematurely. We take quality very seriously and 100% guarantee our nickel free belts for life

  • The GRIP6 metal free belts men functions as a classy work belt, a golf belt, a hiking belt, a ratchet belt replacement, or anything in-between. Our straps and buckles are interchangeable, so 2 belts equals 4 belt combinations

  • Sizing is easy, just order your pants/waist size. If you wear 30 inch pants for example, you will want a size 30 belt. If your mens nickel free belt is too large, simply cut the end and singe with a lighter for a custom fit. Free returns & exchanges

  • GRIP6 Carbon Fiber Belt- Nickel Free Belt For Men & Women

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